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Heide Reisen: Enjoy Transylvania from the heart

Hello, Bună ziua and Servus! I was born in Transylvania and offer my local knowledge and experience for an authentic, wonderful holiday in Transylvania!

Wir planen und betreuen Your vacation INDIVIDUAL
Flight, arrival, accommodation, tours, guides and more!

I emigrated to Germany many years ago and speak perfect German. So you can talk to me about anything – and I can arrange everything for you in Romanian. With me you get the perfect tour operator. I have tried every accommodation I recommend to you on site myself. This has a big advantage for you: You save time for research and know in advance that you will be satisfied!

I also offer you local guides who have lived in Transylvania all their lives. This guarantees you an absolute insider insight into real, adventurous and wildly romantic Transylvania. Where can you see bears in their natural habitat? And how do you get there? I know – and drive you there.

I offer you over twenty years of professional experience as an organizer. A global corporation trusts in my skills in the area of ​​organization – you can do the same. Your trip will be excellently organized, you don’t have to worry about anything.

In Transylvania you will find truly untouched nature, almost unchanged since the Middle Ages. Celebrities like Prince Charles have also discovered their heart for Transylvania. Discover it too! Heide Reisen is bilingual, well integrated locally and networked with decision-makers. That means for you: If you travel with Heide, you are a welcome guest!

How do German dialects that are hundreds of years old sound like? Listen to it – you will be amazed! Do you maybe even have Transylvanian roots? Discover what makes you special! Take a look at where your family has lived for generations.

What does “Heide” (Haide) mean in Romanian? “Come!” You want to finally discover Transylvania? Then come with me and discover the magic of this beautiful region.