Heide Göddert

Your Romanian-German travel organizer for your trip to Transylvania

Born seven days before Christmas Eve 1972 in the small town of Agnetheln (Romanian: Agnita, Hungarian: Szentágota ) in the Harbachtal (Valea Hârtibaciului) and grew up very close to Hermannstadt (Romanian: Sibiu, Hungarian: Nagyszeben), I attended the German-speaking kindergarten and the German-speaking school. When I was 2 ½ years old, my younger brother Wolfgang was born. In school I always heard my mother tongue and wrote all class tests in German.

I still feel that way today: I was able to experience a wonderful childhood and youth in middle-class conditions. The whole extended family lived on our farm: Mama and Tata (Papa), Grandma and Grandpa, my aunt and uncle, my cousins, my cousin… Together we, the Preiss family, had a real small farm: chickens cackled, pigs grunted, there was always something going on!

To this day I still remember the big community and the strong solidarity among us Transylvanian Saxons. Easter, for example, we not only celebrated together in our big family, but we sat together with all the neighboring families. We always celebrated Christmas with a large family. When I came home on Christmas Eve as a “Christmas present”, I was welcomed by a great community from the very first moment.

Did I want to leave? Never! But when I turned 17, I suddenly had to pack my bags – forever. After Ceausescu’s fall in March 1990 I… well, I’ll put it this way: my parents emigrated. Almost overnight I saw myself waking up in another world; this bore the name Ludwigsburg.

I spent the first two weeks there, near Stuttgart, in a dormitory. After that it was exciting: I went back to school and got my advanced technical college entrance qualification. I then completed an apprenticeship as a clerk for office communications. A well-known global corporation said “yes” to me and hired me. I worked here for many years as an assistant to the head of department and organized a lot, including travel.

How was it privately? Also very good! My dear Harald also said “yes” to me and since then my name is no longer Heide Preiss, but Heide Göddert. Incidentally, my husband also comes from beautiful Transylvania and even from near Hermannstadt (Sibiu); which is why we have stayed true to the Transylvanian dialect at home. My family is completely behind me and has my back as I live my dream of making other people’s dreams of a wonderful trip to Transylvania come true.

During my first visits to Transylvania, it became clear to me: As a child, I didn’t really see Transylvania. Although I went on a few excursions as a child, I took the wonderful landscape, its great people and the extremely interesting culture for granted – just my home. Now, with grown-up eyes, I see Transylvania again… and am amazed at how incredibly beautiful this country is! I hear the old songs there and see: The traditions we had as children are still there, they live on there.

I would like to show everyone this beautiful country. And to make it a dream trip, I make sure that the trip is perfectly organised. I am very pleased about the great interest in trips to Transylvania and just six days after founding Heide Reisen, I was able to organize the first trip, although there was neither a website nor advertising from me.

I owe the idea for Heide Reisen to my childhood friend, Camelia. She stayed in Romania, where we met regularly. Now, like me, she is always there for you. Camelia supports us with her knowledge and experience from 50 years on site.

do you remember the beginning I was a “Christmas present”. Your trip to Transylvania should be a gift for you. You don’t have to worry about anything – I’ll organize everything for you. You will enjoy Transylvania with all your heart, I promise you! Your Heide

PS Just get in touch with me → Contact. I’m happy to be there for you and show you Transylvania from its most beautiful side.